Capo Palinuro caves: boat trips

Cilento coast from the sea

Capo Palinuro is the destination for those who love to listen to the voice of the sea and feel the mysterious charm of nature. Only the roar of the waves rises from the gigantic rock walls. What could be more fascinating?

At Capo Palinuro you will understand why the ancients gave the rocks such fantastic names. It’s like a petrified gigantic creature looking proud and unusual, perforated by the sea in a game of bays and caves of a thousand years.

The enchanting caves of the Cape are always what enchant sea lovers. Fanciful names and fascinating natural caves, the caves are the most popular excursions in Cilento.

Each cave is ideal for diving enthusiasts, whether experienced or not, or simply for those who want to experience a new adventure in the depths of Palinuro.

To introduce you to the Cilento coast we like to organize boat trips to Capo Palinuro , where together with us you can touch with your own hands these paradises on earth. Here are some of the stops on our excursions to Capo Palinuro

Blue Grotto Palinuro
Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto)
The symbolic cave of Capo Palinuro is named after the blue colour of the water, which takes on different shades during the day depending on the intensity of the light that enters the channel, 20 m deep and 30 m long.

Cave of Bones Palinuro
Grotta delle Ossa (Cave of Bones)
In primitive ages this was used as a mass grave. Looking closely, you may notice the bone fragments in rocks.

Monks’ Cave Palinuro
Grotta dei Monaci (Monks’ Cave)
The cave is named after the stalagmites that look like a group of monks in prayer.

Fetid Cave Palinuro
Cala Fetente (Fetid Cave)
The cave owes its name to the presence of sulphur springs.

Blood Cave Palinuro
Grotta del Sangue (Blood Cave)
The traces of ferrous oxide make the walls red.

Silver Grotto Palinuro
Grotta d’Argento (Silver Grotto)
The intense silver colour that is reflected on the water is generated by the presence of sulphur on the bottom.

Large variety of bays and grottos both near Palinuro and especially to the south of nearby small town Marina Camerota    ViktorPhd, June 2009

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