Cilento National Park: vacation in the green

What to see in Cilento, UNESCO: nature, archaeology, crafts and local products

Cilento is special for its wild nature both near the sea and the mountains. It’s a geo-park which is rich not only in natural reserves, but also in cultural traditions, medieval towns and archaeological sites of great interest.

A vast protected natural oasis, the Cilento National Park has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage because of its unique itineraries. Along the coast of Cilento you find enchanting coves and bays right up to the majestic Capo Palinuro with its caves.

During your holidays in Cilento you can discover a region which is extremely varied in its coastline, in some parts sandy and calm, in others wild and steep, and the many paths that make it a destination of special interest to hikers.

Over the centuries the rich vegetation has preserved a heritage expressed by rocks overlooking the sea, deep gorges and gentle valleys. Cilento is the land of majestic and gigantic olives, and of colourful Mediterranean scrub.

Dense groves of prickly pears, beautiful flowerings of broom and orchids, and rocks on which pines descend will accompany you on a journey perfumed by rosemary and mastic.

Along the way you’ll meet goldfinches, foxes and otters, but watch out for wild boars! Keep an eye on the horizon, because the sea is often filled with schools of dolphins attracted by the abundance of blue fish.

As in the rest of Campania, the passage of history has left indelible traces on Cilento: here you will find some of the brightest lights of the archaeology of classical civilization.

In the Greek-Roman archaeological site of Paestum you will find yourself in the real open-air museum of the temples of Neptune and Athena. In the National Archaeological Museum you can experience the thrill of following the various stages of a long historical path that will take you back in time.

At Velia-Ascea you will feel a bit like a philosopher because the city was the seat of the philosophical school of the Eleatics, and in fact the Greeks called it “Elea”. Walking through the paths travelled by Parmenides and Zeno, you will cross the Porta Rosa, the only example of a Greek civil arch.

Jammer dat wij er slechts een week zijn gebleven prachtige woeste natuur veel vogels en hagedissen het is echt genieten en tot rust komen. Christon de Waal, July 2009

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