Palinuro diving: for lovers of diving

Diving in Capo Palinuro : exploring the depths and underwater caves

Have you ever heard of the diving in Palinuro? If you are an expert or a fan of immersions or just want to experience the thrill of scuba, come and discover the depths of Palinuro: about 35 caverns and underwater caves make it one of the main points of interest for lovers of marine biology and caving in the Mediterranean.

Some forms of plant and animal life have their own habitat deep in the depths of the Cape, for years a destination for scholars and enthusiasts who prefer the seabed to the beaches of Palinuro.

If you want to try your hand at a diving course in Palinuro with instructors and experienced guides, either diving in Capo Palinuro  or snorkeling with mask, fins and snorkel, there’s nothing better than one of the many diving schools.

These masters of the seas will accompany you into the wonderful depths of the Cape to discover unique species.

Did you know that the caves of Palinuro are not only on the surface? Palinuro is also rich in underwater caves and tunnels to discover if you are a lover of diving in Palinuro: diving not to be missed!

Blue Grotto diving palinuroGrotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto): the most famous cave in Capo Palinuro is also the most extensive, most detailed and most full of life. There are two underwater entrances which cross “Punta Quaglia” (Quail Point). Surrounded by columns of stalactites and stalagmites, you will find yourself before an intense blue light caused by the famous play of light in the cave. The southeast side of the central hall opens onto the great “Sala della Neve” (Hall of Snow)

Hall of Snow diving palinuroSala della Neve (Hall of Snow): the floor is made of three depressions in the shape of a funnel. A sulphur spring pours out from one of these, and the main flow of water accumulates under a sort of dome at the highest part of the room. And that’s just the start of the show: here gathers a layer of sulphuric water on top of the normal sea water, and from the walls covered with this soft white carpet small flakes come off due to the underwater bubbles. Hence the snowfall effect: a truly unreal landscape where you feel like you’re in the clouds.

Purple Cave diving palinuroGrotta Viola (Purple Cave): this is part of the cave of “Cala Fetente” (Fetid Cove), named for the presence of sulphuric waters. It got its name from the deep purple colour of the manganese on the walls. The four cavities are full of domes, columns and stalagmites.

Cathedral  1 diving palinuroCathedral 1: a large cavity washed by the sea with a smooth floor and scant life on the walls. It consists of 4 domes of air where you can see different microorganisms, sponges and minerals.

Cathedral  2 diving palinuroCathedral 2: one of the most spectacular underwater caves of the seabed of Capo Palinuro . It is in the shape of a horseshoe, and its name comes from the impressive nave with its characteristic two-arched window like those in Gothic churches. Diving in the cave is recommended for experts only.

Lake Cave diving palinuroGrotta del Lago (Lake Cave):it consists of two branches, one of which is underwater and the other above sea level, which converge on an inland lake. It’s better to explore the cave in the company of professionals.

Can you see how many underwater wonders there are? So what do you say, shall we go diving?

Crystal and clean water. A kind of paradise for those who like snorkeling and swimming.    ViktorPhd, June 2009

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