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What to visit in Cilento: historic and medieval towns

The Park of Cilento shows the most authentic and charming side of Campania, thanks to the unspoilt scenery and still-living ancient traditions.

The region offers the possibility of discovering the gastronomy thanks to the religious and folk festivals that animate the many villages and towns that dot the area, especially during summer.

Here the sea and the mountains offer breath-taking views, especially along the coast of Cilento, where the unique natural scenery frames the history and traditions of local craftsmanship.

Those who choose to spend their holidays in the Cilento in our family apartments know that we like to recommend the most attractive medieval towns and sights, to give that touch of originality and primitive beauty that adds an extra dash of authenticity to a truly exciting experience.

Here’s what to see and visit in Cilento


The origins of the name refer to the many limestone caves, where even today there are primitive artifacts. On the other hand, the myth of Camerota tells of the beautiful nymph Kamaraton who the helmsman Palinuro fell in love with. Among the points of interest stands the picturesque medieval castle, in the high part of the town. In the old town potters still produce their colourful objects in furnaces


Its origins go back to primitive times and are intertwined with the history of Palinuro. In fact, according to tradition the name was given by the hundred inhabitants of Molpa hill who founded the apartments. In the old town carpenters work the briar and heather to create pipes and objects in olive wood. The Capuchin Monastery houses a carved wooden altar of the Baroque era.


The name “Pixous” comes from buxus, a shrub which is the symbol of youth, strength and courage used on the coat of arms of the town. The first hypotheses about its origins date back to the destruction of Troy. The names that have been attributed over the centuries derived From Greek and Latin etymology, until the twelfth century when the current name started to appear in documents. Do not miss a visit to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, a jewel of Baroque art.


Looking like an old nativity scene, Roccagloriosa is perched atop a hill overlooking the Gulf of Policastro and Mount Bulgheria. A curiosity: its name indicates both the strategic location of the stronghold and the veneration of the Glorious Virgin. You’ll want to visit the still perfectly preserved graves of the necropolis and the Antiquarium which houses the archaeological finds of the first settlements.

San Severino

Going into the Mingardo valley, through the “Devil’s gorge”, you come to the medieval sight of San Severino, called a ghost town because it was abandoned due to continuous landslides but preserved almost intact. From the old town you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire valley, a paradise for photography lovers. The castle dates back to the eleventh century reign of the Normans

Za navštívení určitě stojí i samotné město Palinuro, kousek od něj malá vesnička Centola nebo Paestum jako místo antických památek. Residenci Trivento doporučuji všem, kteří si chtějí pořádně odpočinout a trochu se i pobavit.    Jana, May 2009

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